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Awards, Certifications & Memberships

Dear CEO’s, Wellness Doctors & Fellow Patriots -

Two conditions bring out the best in “Master Life Leaders”™ who are exceptional:  Opportunity and Crisis.This letter is ‘my Opportunity to introduce you’ to the ACE and its MISSION to HONOR  Exemplary Values and the Patriotic, Declarational Values of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property which we endorse, practice and promulgate in your service to your families, churches and government. The American Doctors & Executives Council on LinkedIn, have joined together with the Executive Honors Institute, The American Wellness Council & its Academies and The Corporate Management Group to form an International Accreditation Agency, called The American Council on Excellence (in Health, Education, Wellness, Management,  Lifestyle Medicine, Executive Nursing, Creativity & Leadership) to award the highest honors to CEO’s, college presidents, doctors, educators, parents, business leaders, health care practitioners and other professionals who embrace, practice and promote these Patriotic Declational Values.  We seek to improve our families, schools, businesses, colleges, health care quality and social institutions ONE PERSON at a time, ONE GROUP at a time, ONE NATION at a time,  We believe this is such a time.  Now we ask you.

Are you a “Master Life Leader”™ who demonstrates godly Commitment/Character, Dedication & Leadership in the family, church & government? As founder of ‘The Master Life Seminars for Total Success in Life ”™ (see “Honor The Z Force (Zoe) for H.I.M. – Health, Intimacy and Meaning,” at and having taught such “Master Life Principles”™ for almost forty years at schools, churches, universities, corporations & social institutions in America, I invite you to join our Cause.   (Refer to I Samuel 2:30 where the Lord God says:  “He that Honors Me, him I will Honor; but he who does NOT honor Me will be cursed, or lightly esteemed.”)  In the lives of Jesus and the Saints there are countless examples of leaders who demonstrated exceptional character and faith as they overcame crisis and parlayed opportunity.  Exceptional times produce exceptional leadership, such as is evident in the lives of Jesus and the Saints.  Exceptional leadership produces exceptional results.  As CEO and founder of the American Council on Excellence and the Academy & College of Wellness Doctors, I am pleased to say that this is a time for exceptional leadership.

To Honor exceptional service, I invite you to join ACE/HEW if you feel you demonstrate exceptional CDL–godly Commitment/Character, Dedication, Leadership & results in your personal and professional life.  It’s rare today to see individuals who dedicate themselves unselfishly and wholeheartedly to the service of others.  Since 1981, as founder of the Executive Honors Institute and as president of The Southwest Texas Commission of Higher Education, I’ve recommended hundreds of outstanding leaders for their service and contribution to others, in business, academia, medicine, management, higher education, nursing and health care.  Now, with the unanimous and full approval of my Executive Council and Presidential Advisers, I am pleased to invite you & a few of your colleagues to join ACE as a student, affiliate, professional, clinical or doctoral member.  Please review our Memberships & Certifications section to learn for which level you would be most qualified. There are about 22 types from which to choose.

We exist to promote health, clinical education and wellness in hospitals, medical and psychotherapy clinics, graduate schools, business entities, non-profit groups and doctors who are licensed in the fifty states and other countries such as Canada, Mexico, India, Korea, Japan, Italy, Greece, Spain, France and Great Britain.  We were formed in 2007 with the merging of two entities: The Executive Honors Institute, a professional training institute for CEO’s, doctors, MBA’s, MSN;s, MSW’s, certified teachers and leaders from public schools, hospitals, non-profits & businesses; and The Corporate Management Group which gave extensive consulting services in executive development & counseling, financial/strategic management, organization behavior & industrial psychology services.

ACE awards, certifications, honors & memberships are given based on our “Five Gold Standards of Excellence” which are designed to promote Health, Hope, Meaning and Wellness in Christ, through the practice of Master Life Principles”™.  As noted in ACE’s Mission Statement:  “There are Five Essential Certification Levels in The American Wellness Council (hereinafter known as the ACE and the ACWD) which are designed to Honor members for their godly (1) Character & Knowledge; (2) Excellence; (3) Enthusiasm; (4) Service and (5) Commitment to Christ-centered leadership, research and wellness in Spirit, Mind & Body.  These Five Gold Standards exist to Honor exceptional leaders who have made measurable and significant contributions (in time, money, and creative services) “to promote compassion, hope, faith, love, research, community outreach and performance in spiritual, professional and Christ centered wellness, while defending The Declarational Values of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property.”  As a Phi Kappa Phi Doctoral Scholar, also as a recipient of the highest awards from Marquis’ Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in the South, as well as Who’s Who in Business, Industry and Finance, and as CEO & Commissioner of The American Council on Excellence, I look forward to the day when I may declare you to be a student, affiliate, professional, clinical and/or doctoral member of ACE/HEW.   Be sure to read about our Diplomate and Fellow Designations, which are ACE’s Highest Honors for those duly respected professionals who qualify.    

To apply, simply fill out the enclosed Application and remit your Pay-Pal payment for the type and duration of membership that you desire.  If you have questions, you may email us or text us at 865-455-4900. Until then, “Trust H.I.M. Always and Enjoy His Love.”   For general information regarding our Beliefs, Programs, Mission, Certifications, Memberships or Presidential Advisers, refer to the appropriate sections in our website at www.AmericanCouncilONExcellence,com or It’s vital to note that ACE’s Honorary Awards are given without bias, favoritism or financial remuneration. Awards, certifications and memberships are given based on an applicant’s godly commitment/character, dedication & leadership (CDL) as stated herein. Please be assured of our deepest appreciation for your interest and support of our Mission, Programs and Services.  To God Almighty be all glory and honor and praise.

Respectfully In the Service of The King of Kings,


American Council on Excellence (ACE/HEW), AWC, ACWD & ADEC
130 Pennsauken Court, Suite 1000, Murfreesboro, TN 37128-4774

Dr. J. Jonathan Zaias, Ph.D., FACMP, FACWD, DAAP
Senior Fellow & Diplomate, AAP, ABMPP, IAPC & ACWD
Board Certified Medical Psychotherapist & Wellness Doctor
Ph.D., The University of Wyoming Graduate School, Laramie
Ph.D./DBA, California Western, Industrial Psychology & Mgmt
Psy.D., Graduate Theological Foundation & Union, Oxford & US
Th.D., D.Min., St. Francis Anglican Seminary & Graduate School
NMD, Kingdom College of Natural Health, Guam/USA & Philippines
Past Emeritus Member & CFLE, National Council, Family Relations
Board Certified Mediator, BBB, TN & NY State Supreme Courts
American Arbitration Association & Better Business Bureau Mediator
Domestic Violence Specialist, Civil & Family Mediator & Therapist
Semi-Retired Clinical AAMFT Member & Family Therapist, LMFT
Post-Doctorate, Harvard Medical School & Baylor College of
Former Dean, Chair & Full Professor, Clinical Research, Health & Mgt
Certified Professional Manager & Certified Financial Services Auditor
Office of the Chancellor, CEO and Commissioner of ACE/HEW

We look forward to promoting spiritual, psychological, & physical health at the highest
levels in our families, churches, temples, schools, media & social institutions.  Thanks


1.  CHARACTERhonesty, trustworthiness, reliability, responsibility, faithfulness, loyalty, integrity, love & performance are Nine Words which reflect a person’s Character.  When added together, they represent HONOR. I Samuel 2:30 declares: “He who honors Me (the Lord), him (& her) I WILL HONOR, but he (or she) that does not honor Me, will be dishonored (put to shame) or lightly esteemed.” Gossip, lies, hate, jealousy, unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, fear, resentment and selfishness are ‘Ten Destructive Forces’ which undermine CHARACTER.  These forces are fed by Fear, Guilt, Insecurity, Worry and Condemnation.  Abraham Lincoln believed character is the supreme measure of a person’s and a nation’s goodness.  What we believe and practice is reflected in our Values and IS largely the result of our Character.  America’s honorable Fifty Six Founders and Abraham Lincoln are ACE’s role models of the highest, noble Character.

2. EXCELLENCE – the Latin word, Excellere means to rise above others and to be exceptional.  Like SPPH (spiritual, psychological & physical health), excellence must be achieved in the spirit before it can be attained in the natural, or material world. Excellence requires spiritual vision and purity, perseverance, creative problem solving, forgiveness, prayer, divine guidance and exceptional performance. These eight essentials are measured in one’s character, creativity, commitment, choices, enthusiasm and active service.  Aristotle taught excellence is an acquired habit which is intrinsically rewarding individually and institutionally.  This is why ACE offers institutional memberships while AWC offers individual memberships & certifications.  Our founder & mentors believe“excellence is its own reward and Jesus is our Highest role model.”

3.  ENTHUSIASM – The Latin phrase “En Theos” means God’s essence and nature, thrives in us, as measured in our Hope, Faith and Love.  Ralph Waldo Emerson taught “nothing great has ever been done without enthusiasm.”  Our founder believes enthusiasm is a measure of a person’s or institution’s hope, faith and love in creative action or service.  St. Paul (Saul of Tarsus) taught faith, hope and love abides in all of us as we make the right choices, think the right thoughts, and take the right creative actions, but that of the three ultimate Virtues:  Faith, Hope and Love, the greatest of these was, is and will always be “Love.”  St. John taught:  “God is Love, and that perfect Love casts out Fear for fear has torment.” All knowledge, understanding and wisdom begins with the reverential fear or respect for the Lord God Almighty, regardless of what we call Him.  Thus, the more we love & respect HIM the more enthusiasm we should have.  David St. John, St. Paul & St. Peter are role models of enthusiasm as measured in Hope, Faith and Love.

4.  SERVICE – Service is the external measure and the demonstrable outcome of a person or institution’s hope, faith and love in action.  Mother Teresa believed service was one of the highest callings, and/or Virtues.  Jesus Christ of Bethlehem taught: “The greatest of us must BE servants of all.” Our founder and mentors agree.  If one is to take a journey of a thousand miles or a journey to eternity and back, one must BE willing to serve.  Before they are ready to lead, they must be willing and able to serve, yet before they are ready to serve OR lead, they must BE willing and able to Love. We view Service as a measure of Greatness.  Service then is a external measure and a key demonstrable outcome of a person’s or an institution’s hope, faith & love IN Action.   Likewise, it is also a “tithe of a person’s & institution’s time.” President Ronald Reagan, the  Saints and Mother Teresa are ACE’s exemplary role models of Excellent Service.

5.  CHRIST CENTERED LEADERSHIP & RESEARCH – Compassionate, creative & Christ centered Master Life Principles (MLPs) are used to promote, inspire and assist learners to achieve the above outcomes. These MLP’s were taught by our founder in ‘The Master Life Seminars for Total Success’ for over 35 years.  How will such research help others and how will it empower leaders & learners to achieve the four above outcomes in a compassionate, creative & Christ centered manner?, namely WWJD.   Dr. Viktor Frankl, Dr. Douglas McGregor, Dr. Stephen Covey, our founder Dr. J. Jonathan Zaias, along with Oral Roberts, Billy & Ruth Graham, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Dr. Charles Stanley, Dr. Pat & Dede Robertson, Mother Teresa, & the 56 Founders of America are ACE’s role models of Christ Centered  Leadership & Research.  These (75+) Master Life Leaders™ exemplify how many ways Christ Centered (CC) Leadership & Research may be used to promote the Kingdom of God on earth, which is, as Jesus Christ of Bethlehem proclaimed:  Righteousness, Peace & Joy in the Holy Spirit.”